Dragon Ball Episode 4 Review: “Oolong the Terrible”

Ryder here, working on Dragon Ball Episode 4, “Oolong the Terrible.” In this episode, Goku and Bulma’s search for the Dragon Balls leads them to Aru Village, a seemingly abandoned place where a shape-shifting terror named Oolong roams free.

A village in need and the regions of Oolong

After a minor motorcycle accident with Bulma, Goku senses the presence of villagers despite the ghost town atmosphere. They encounter the Sherman Priest, who reveals that Oolong, a shape-shifting monster, has kidnapped the village’s daughters. The plot becomes even more complicated when Bulma learns that the villagers possess the Six-Star Dragon Ball, but are unwilling to part with it unless Goku and Bulma defeat Oolong.

Goku’s disguise and Oolong’s transformations

In an attempt to trap Oolong, Goku hilariously disguises himself as Pochawompa, the next target of the kidnapping. Oolong, who changes from a devil to a handsome man to a bull, tries to woo ‘Pochawompa’. But he soon discovers Goku’s trick and turns into a metal ninja. This episode really showcases Oolong’s transformation skills and reveals him as a cunning yet somewhat cowardly character.

Oolong’s downfall and the village secret

After a wild chase, Goku captures Oolong in his true form: a small pig. It turns out that Oolong lives in a lavish mansion with the ‘kidnapped’ girls, who seem more spoiled than scared. Oolong confesses that he has been dumped and that he needs company.

Reward Time: The Six-Star Dragon Ball

For their heroics, Grandma Paozu presents the Six-Star Dragon Ball to Goku and Bulma. Bulma, still enraged from Goku’s earlier underwear prank, attempts and fails to ride the Nimbus Cloud, reinforcing her jealousy of Goku’s pure heart.

Major events and battles

– Goku and Bulma’s arrival in Aru Village and their encounter with Oolong.

– Goku’s confrontation with Oolong in various forms.

– Goku and Bulma acquire the Six-Star Dragon Ball.

Differences from the manga and adaptations

The episode adds some filler scenes, such as the villagers praying for Goku and Bulma’s success. In the manga, some events happen differently, such as how Bulma receives the Dragon Ball. Also, the English dubs made some cuts and changes, especially in scenes involving Oolong’s lewd behavior.

Trivia and scoops

– This episode marks the first time Goku convinces a villain to change his behavior.

– We see Goku in girl’s clothing for the first time, something that is revisited later in the series.

Final thoughts

“Oolong the Terrible” combines humor, action and a bit of bizarre to deliver another classic Dragon Ball episode. It’s an early showcase of Goku’s innocence and strength, and Bulma’s resourcefulness and temper.

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