Kagurabachi Chapter 26: Launch Date and Spoilers

Chihiro Rokuhira made a sacrifice and gave up one thing pricey to him to save lots of somebody who had as soon as saved his life.

Chihiro and Shiba encountered the robust elite guards, the Tou, of the Sazanami group. However when Hinao despatched out a misery name, Shiba needed to come to her help together with Hakuri, leaving Chihiro to take care of the three Tou members alone.

The chapter opens with Hinao tending to the injured Hakuri. Shiba faces off towards Soya Sazanami, Hakuri’s older brother and member of the Tou group.

Soya exhibits off the well-known Sazanami preventing type to counter Shiba’s teleportation transfer. He makes use of a way known as Isou to create shock waves, which he sends to answer Shiba’s magical skills.

The wizard realizes that Shiba would be the strongest among the many Sazanami elite guards. However on the identical time, he’s frightened about Chihiro Rokuhira, who has to confront three Tou members and Kyora Sazanami within the Sazanami mansion.

Kagurabachi Chapter 26: Release Date and SpoilersKagurabachi Chapter 26: Release Date and Spoilers
Kagurabachi (credit score: Shuukan Shounen soar)

Shiba finds it a tough state of affairs, even with Chihiro wielding an enchanted sword. He’d really feel higher if he may teleport there and take Soya with him, making it a five-on-two struggle.

The main target shifts to Chihiro, who makes use of Nishiki to cloak himself whereas going through his opponents. One of many Tou members requests knives from their father, Kyora Sazanami.

Chihiro is stunned when two swords seem within the Tou member’s arms. He wonders if this means is said to the Rakuzaichi Vault.

In the meantime, Kyora Sazanami notices that one of many invaders, Shiba, has escaped. He praises the wizard’s teleportation expertise and supplies his kids with extra swords.

To summarize

Shiba returns to assist Chihiro and takes Soya with him. Hakuri’s older brother is stunned on the sudden change of location. He fortunately informs his father, Kyora, that he has discovered Hakuri.

This information from Soya clears all of the doubts Kyora Sazanami had. He understands that his son, Hakuri, has as soon as once more acted as a spy and betrayed their household.

Consequently, Kyora demonstrates his sorcery magic to summon Hakuri seemingly out of nowhere. It has been revealed that Kyora Sazanami has the flexibility to retrieve any merchandise, together with his kids, registered within the spatial vault.

It’s revealed that every member of the Sazanami household is registered with the spatial vault throughout childhood as a part of a ritual.

This apply permits the pinnacle of the clan, at present Kyora Sazanami, to guard his kids from outdoors threats if needed.

Apparently sufficient, Hakuri was unaware of this important reality. The Sazanami chief mockingly asks Chihiro and Shiba if his son, Hakuri, has been their informant.

Chihiro is disgusted with Kyora for utilizing his personal son as a hostage. In the meantime, Shiba, being pragmatic, understands that Kyora Sazanami may demand the seventh Enchanted Blade in trade for Hakuri.

Kagurabachi Chapter 26: Release Date and SpoilersKagurabachi Chapter 26: Release Date and Spoilers
Kagurabachi (credit score: Shuukan Shounen soar)

He remembers how Hakuri saved his life by intercepting a punch from Hiyuki. He opts for negotiation, after it’s revealed that Chihiro traded his Enten sword for Kyora Sazanami in trade for Hakuri’s life.

The chapter shifts to the Rakuzaichi Vault, the place the Sazanami chief celebrates acquiring the seventh Enchanted Blade. He believes the upcoming public sale would be the largest in Sazanami’s historical past.

It then shifts to Chihiro’s base, the place he arrives with Shiba and Hakuri. The exiled wizard breaks down and apologizes to the protagonist for having to surrender his blade.

Likewise, Shiba feels responsible for bringing Soya to the mansion. Nevertheless, Chihiro assures them that nobody is responsible.

As an alternative, he expresses satisfaction that issues turned out as he supposed. Kagurabachi Chapter 25 ends with the revelation that Chihiro intentionally gave the Enten Sword to Kyora Sazanami.

Launch date and the place to learn

Kagurabachi Chapter 26 can be launched on Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 8:30 PM Pacific Time (PT). These are the worldwide launch instances:

  • Canadian time: 11:30 PM on Sunday, March 24, 2024
  • Pacific Time: 8:30 PM on Sunday, March 24, 2024
  • Australian time: 2:30 PM on Monday, March 25, 2024
  • Greenwich Time: 3:30 AM Monday March 25, 2024
  • Japan time: 12:30 PM on Monday, March 25, 2024
  • Central Time: 10:30 PM on Sunday, March 24, 2024

Readers can discover Kagurabachi Chapter 26 on Viz and MANGA Plus with an English translation. Kagurabachi Chapter 26 Uncooked can be obtainable on Shounen Bounce in Japan.

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