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The Japanese novel Karasu wa Aruji o Erabanai (translated as The Raven does not choose its master), which is part of the new series Yatagarasu by Chisato Abe, is getting an anime adaptation. A trailer has been released, in which you can hear part of the opening theme song “poi” performed by Saucy Dog.

The anime will premiere on April 6. The anime is made at Studio Pierrot, with Yoshiaki Kyougoku from Relaxed camp supervise the project as director. The person overseeing the series’ scripts is Yukiko Yamamuro, who worked on the live-action To touch. The music was composed by Eishi Segawa, known for his work Ushio & Tora.

Mutsumi Tamura plays Yukiya, Miyu Irino plays the Imperial Prince (Wakamiya), Rina Honnizumi plays Asebi, Hiroki Nanami plays Hamayū, Ayaka Fukuhara plays Masuho no Susuki, Rie Kugimiya plays Shiratama, Eiji Takeuchi plays Sumio, Satoshi Hino plays Natsuka, Hiroshi Shirokuma plays Rokon, Kengo Kawanishi plays Atsufusa, Yoshino Aoyama plays Fujinami and Atsuko Tanaka plays Ōmurasaki no Omae.

The novel is not licensed in English. However, a manga adaptation of the series by Natsumi Matsuzaki is available in English through K MANGA, which produced this description for the plot:

With over 1.5 million copies sold worldwide, discover the manga adaptation of this super-popular Japanese fantasy novel, written by the youngest Seicho Matsumoto Award-winning author in history! In the land of Yamauchi, a world dominated by “Yatagarasu” rather than humans, it is time for the Crown Prince to choose his queen. Four princesses are sent to the palace by four major noble families who fiercely compete for power at the imperial court. They all have their own reasons for wanting to become empress, and many shocking developments happen along the way. Who will ultimately be selected by the prince?

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