Record of 15 Greatest Highschool DxD Characters

Highschool DxD Characters: Excessive College DxD is a lightweight novel collection written and illustrated by Ichiei Ishibumi. Issei Hyoudou, a perverted highschool scholar who’s killed on his first date and reincarnated as a Satan by Rias Gremory, is the protagonist of this collection.

To additional his ambition of turning into a “Harem King” and setting up a harem, he later enrolls within the Occult Analysis Membership. Let’s take a look on the checklist of Highschool DxD Characters.

1. Issei Hyodo

Issei Hyoudou - Highschool Dxd character
Issei Hyoudou

The principle character and narrator of Excessive College DxD is Issei Hyodo. He’s launched as a second-year scholar at Kuoh Academy with a status for lechery amongst his friends. He goes on a date with Raynare, who is definitely Yuma Amano in disguise.

Issei finds out too late that the date was a lure set by Raynare and is stabbed to loss of life earlier than he can escape. A satan and her servant now, he joins the college’s Occult Analysis Membership after being resurrected by Rias Gremory.  He’s a “man who loves ladies and is admittedly silly.

2. Yuuto Kiba

Yuuto Kiba - highschool dxd character
Yuuto Kiba

Yuto Kiba has blond hair. On Rias’s workforce, he takes on the position of knight. With the assistance of his Sacred Gear,Sword Beginning, he can create blades with distinctive talents, such because the Holy Eraser (a blade that consumes gentle) and the Flame Delete. As an added weapon, he can summon a swarm of blades from the earth to slash at his foes from under. Ishibumi made Yuto as an ace of the workforce and a powerful supporting character for Issei to draw feminine readers.

Yuto is the one little one to have survived the Holy Sword Mission, an effort to breed new customers of the Holy Swords, which may vanquish evil spirits. After narrowly escaping the youngsters’s destruction, he’s practically killed earlier than being rescued by Rias, who later takes him underneath her wing as a servant.

He plans to destroy what’s left of the Holy Sword Excalibur in an effort to actual revenge for the deaths of his fellow troopers.His final Stability Breaker sword kind, Sword of Betrayer, has each Holy and Demonic attributes as a result of he obtained a crystal containing the souls of his comrades from the undertaking’s chief, Valper Galilei, throughout his battle in opposition to Kokabiel and Freed Sellzen.

3. Irina Shido

Irina Shido
Irina Shido

Issei has identified the religious Christian Irina Shido  since they had been children. Ishibumi created her to face for the Heaven/Church camp in his three-camp triad.  A former tomboy, she now wears her hair in twintails. She’s armed with Excalibur Mimic, the Holy Sword that may assume any kind its wielder needs. She nonetheless cares for Issei regardless of his devilish transformation.

Irina loses to Freed Sellzen and has her Excalibur Mimic taken in the course of the Grigori arc. After being despatched to the Church’s headquarters for relaxation and recuperation, she ultimately makes her means again to the summit to lend her help to Michael as a Church consultant.

Issei refers to her and Xenovia and Asia because the “Church Trio”. She reveals Xenovia’s lack of frequent sense by, for instance, shopping for a faux portray of a saint with their cash after which having to beg for meals.

4. Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima
Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima, vp of the Occult Analysis Membership, has lengthy black hair that she wears in a ponytail. She and Rias are the 2 most revered older sisters at their college, and Issei describes her because the epitome of a ravishing, cheerful Japanese girl.

Her mushy demeanor belies a extremely sadistic facet that emerges throughout battle. As queen of Rias, she has many powers, however she is especially keen on utilizing lightning bolts and different types of elemental harm. She modifies into the garb of a shrine priestess and adopts the moniker Priestess of Thunder in episode 4 of season one.

5. Asia Argento

Asia ArgentoAsia Argento
Asia Argento

Asia Argento is a younger girl with blond hair who, whereas being raised as a nun within the Catholic Church, discovers she has the power to heal others. The issue is that Diodora Astaroth hurts himself after which has Asia deal with him. Due to this fact, Asia has been forged out of the church. After relocating to Japan and putting up a friendship with Issei, she is tragically murdered by Raynare, who kidnaps her to steal her therapeutic rings.

After a fierce battle, Rias brings her again to life in order that he might be her bishop and she will develop into a satan. (S1 ep 5) She begins dwelling with the Hyodos and enrolls of their native highschool. Asia tries to take care of her Christian beliefs regardless of being a satan, however she at all times will get a splitting headache after praying or studying the Bible.

6. Xenovia Quarta

Xenovia QuartaXenovia Quarta
Xenovia Quarta

Xenovia Quarta is an exorcist and religious Catholic who was raised by Griselda Quarta, a swordswoman turned angel. She and her associate, Irina Shido, have been tasked with discovering and both returning or destroying the lacking Excalibur blades. She first seems dressed within the garb of the Christian religion, and her hair is blue with a inexperienced tint.

Xenovia leaves the church as a heretic after studying that the church’s God doesn’t exist, joins Rias’s workforce as a satan knight, and transfers to Issei’s yr at college. She apologizes to Asia Argento for her habits throughout their first assembly, and the 2 rapidly develop into pals.

Ultimately, Xenovia finally ends up relocating to the Hyodo home, Like the opposite ladies, she develops a crush on Issei and tries to seduce him by claiming that she desires to have a baby with him due to their superior genes.

7. Koneko Toujou

Koneko ToujouKoneko Toujou
Koneko Toujou

Shirone, a white-haired, two-tailed humanoid nekomata, was raised by a satan however is compelled to observe as her grasp is killed in self-defense by Kuroka, who then turns right into a stray satan. After being sentenced to loss of life, Shirone is saved by Sirzechs Lucifer, and Rias adopts her, renaming her Koneko Toujou. Ultimately, Koneko enrolls as a freshman at Kuoh Academy.

She holds the rook place in Rias’s workforce, the place she is predicted to have the ability to stand up to crushing forces and effortlessly throw heavy objects.

She is reserved and grounded, exhibiting little emotion, however her endurance with Issei’s perverted antics is carrying skinny. Shiro, a tiny white cat, is her trusted companion. Ishibumi and his editor mentioned Koneko’s id, but it surely took over a yr, till Quantity 5, to develop it.

After Issei helped Koneko overcome her apprehension about utilizing Senjutsu and reassured her that he would intervene if she ever received out of hand, Koneko started to develop emotions for him.

8. Gasper


Rias’s workforce features a crossdressing dhamphir named Gasper Bloody. His incapability to grasp his Sacred Gear, Forbidden Balor View, has resulted in him being remoted in a room on the fringe of the campus and handled as a shut-in. Gasper’s standing as a cross-dressing vampire recluse supplied Ishibumi with a wealth of fabric, he says.

Gasper is commonly made enjoyable of by the opposite vampires, even these in his personal clan, as a result of he’s the offspring of a vampire lord and a human girl. Together with his excessive introversion and the safety of Sacred Gear, he not often ventures out of his shell.

After the membership saves him from the Cattleya Leviathan, he’s extra keen to go to highschool, although he nonetheless sometimes covers his face with a paper bag or sneaks round in a cardboard field. After ingesting Issei’s blood, he has better command over his talents.

9. Ravel Phoenix

Ravel PhoenixRavel Phoenix
Ravel Phoenix

Ravel Phoenix is Riser’s youthful sister and a former member of his workforce. She has blond hair.  The second quantity of the sunshine novels introduces her as a bishop who’s hiding her true talents. She believes her brother is unstoppable, so she chooses to comply with in his footsteps.

Her tsundere tendencies emerge after she witnesses Riser’s defeat, and he or she transfers to Issei’s college to be nearer to him. Ishibumi explains that Ravel turned a principal character due to the overwhelming fan help she obtained starting with quantity 6.

Ravel’s butler used to inform her heroic tales when she was somewhat woman, and he or she grew very keen on them. She wished to be a powerful girl in order that she might assist her hero, however as she received older, she stopped fascinated by that. Ravel’s need to study all the pieces she will about Issei was sparked when she noticed him danger all the pieces for the girl he loves at Riser’s engagement occasion.

10. Azazel

azazel highschool dxdazazel highschool dxd

The fallen angels’ chief is Azazel. Due to his fascination with the Sacred Gears, he has amassed a large assortment of them.  Within the anime, he introduces himself to Issei as a frequent drinker and gamer who usually invitations Issei alongside. Nonetheless, midway via the second anime collection, he makes a correct introduction. He’ll be instructing at Kuoh and serving because the membership’s advisor.

Ishibumi made Azazel right into a coach in order that he wouldn’t need to compete in Score Video games and in order that he and Yuto Kiba might win over feminine readers of their respective collection. As a “efficient and funky clarification character,” he’s additionally a device in his arsenal. That is the coda to Letters to the Fourth.

Sirzechs Lucifer claims that Azazel’s aversion to battle is why the Fallen Angels had been the primary to flee the battle. Calm and picked up, he arranges a gathering between the Satan and Angel leaders to dealer a peace treaty.

Azazel loses an arm to Cattleya Leviathan and replaces it with a prosthetic he created utilizing the know-how he found whereas learning Sacred Gear. Fafnir, the Golden Dragon, is without doubt one of the 5 Dragon Kings, and Azazel has a self-made synthetic Sacred Gear with which to seal him.

11. Ophis

Ophis Ophis

Ophis is a dragon with the power to remodel right into a humanoid with black hair; she is often known as the Ouroboros Dragon(s) and the Infinite Dragon God. She is alleged to be extra highly effective than God and the satan kings. The Chaos Brigade was shaped by her in an effort to expel Nice Pink from the Dimensional Hole.

Nonetheless, Cao Cao betrayed her and stole her energy with a view to create one other Ophis, ostensibly rendering her powerless.

She had already launched her powers within the types of snakes earlier than Cao Cao got here to steal them, however Cao Cao nonetheless underestimated her. Due to this fact, she retained a few of her talents. Ophis, like Nice Pink, cares solely about Nice Pink and doesn’t wish to become involved within the affairs of the world.

Since Nice Pink is the Chaos Brigade’s nominal focus, any selections or actions that don’t have anything to do together with her have been made by the members themselves.

In Quantity 12, Nice Pink saves her and he or she assists him in repairing Issei’s physique. After the battle with the Jabberwocky, the 2 had been overheard saying, “Zoom Zoom Iyaaan,” a lot to the chagrin of Issei and Ddraig.

Since Issei is her first buddy and provided her shelter in his dwelling in Quantity 11, it’s protected to imagine that she has quite a lot of affection for him. That is important as a result of, simply by having tea and enjoying playing cards collectively, she helped shield Asia and Irina later within the quantity.

Issei claims that opposite to fashionable perception, Ophis shouldn’t be evil however fairly naive and keen for use by the Chaos Brigade in change for the loss of life of Nice Pink.

12. Rossweisse


Rossweisse is a Valkyrie with silver hair who’s expert in Norse magic. She clothes in enterprise fits or white armor. Rossweisse is launched as Odin’s bodyguard; she consistently stops him from doing soiled issues, however Odin consistently teases her about not having a boyfriend.

After the battle with Loki and Fenrir, Odin abandons her in Issei’s city; later, Rias convinces her to develop into her servant; the 2 of them develop into lecturers at Kuoh Academy, with Rias holding the rank of “Rook” alongside Koneko.

She hasn’t determined whether or not or not she likes Issei but, in distinction to the vast majority of the feminine characters. She could be very delicate about being mocked for her single standing and takes it personally. Every time she tries to cease Odin from being crude, he makes use of this to knock the wind out of her.

Issei has dubbed her “The 100-Yen Store Valkyrie” due to her penchant for procuring at low cost shops. When Issei used costume break on her throughout their journey to Kyoto in order that he might spy on the feminine college students within the scorching springs, she reacted angrily and lectured him about destroying her garments earlier than feeling embarrassed about being bare. Within the eighth quantity, she strikes into the Hyodo Home.

13. Kokabiel


Kokabiel, the long-haired fallen angel who guidelines the Grigoris, is their chief. He intends to begin a brand new struggle between the angels, devils, and fallen angels, so he steals the Excalibur swords. After Irina is harm, the coed council and the Occult Analysis Membership workforce as much as tackle Kokabiel.

Issei knocks Rias out chilly, however not earlier than he takes a punch to the face. To manage Kokabiel, Azazel calls in Vali Lucifer for assist.  In the long run, Azazel imprisons Kokabiel within the depths of the Underworld, in a spot referred to as Cocytus. (wants quantity and subject quantity) He’s the one who breaks the information to Rias, Xenovia, and the remainder that the earlier nice struggle resulted within the deaths of God and the 4 Satan Kings.

14. Raynare


Issei’s first adversary is the fallen angel Raynare. Within the first episode, she asks Issei out on a date whereas posing as a schoolgirl named Yuma Amano, however on the finish of the night she stabs him within the abdomen with a spear of sunshine.  She is on a mission to reclaim Asia Argento so she will use her Sacred Gear, Twilight Therapeutic, for herself. Raynare is finally killed by Rias, however not earlier than she is attacked by Issei and his allies.

Regardless of her premature demise, Raynare’s actions left an enduring impression on Issei, making him reluctant to specific his emotions for Rias or the opposite ladies for concern of being reminded of her. Nonetheless, after listening to the assurances of his pals Akeno, Koneko, and Asia that they love him and can by no means betray him like Raynare did, Issei was in a position to heal his damaged coronary heart and regain his confidence.

15. Diodora Astaroth

Diodora AstarothDiodora Astaroth
Diodora Astaroth

Astaroth’s youthful brother and present inheritor to the household throne. He’s the Satan who caused Asia’s condemnation as a heretic and her excommunication from the Church. Freed reveals that Diodora has a nun fetish and that every one of his servants are nuns and maidens that he acquired from all around the world after he admitted to being an ally of the Chaos Brigade. That after he had them underneath his management, he would lure them away from the Church and rape them whereas recording the crime.

Seeing their utter desperation and lack of religion in a optimistic final result makes it that rather more satisfying for him. To get Asia out of the Church and into his service, he intentionally injured himself in order that she would heal him. He initially supposed to show Asia right into a Satan whereas giving off the impression that he was the “good man” by “rescuing” her after Raynare killed her. He hates Issei for, in his phrases, “stealing Asia from him,” and he tries to kill the latter. Nonetheless, Issei finally defeats him, and Shalba Beelzebub kills him with a lightweight weapon.

Ultimate Ideas

Our journey via the fascinating world of Highschool DxD has launched us to a various forged of characters, every bringing their very own distinctive allure and complexity to the storyline. From the courageous and resilient Issei to the enigmatic Rias, these 15 characters not solely outline the essence of the collection but in addition resonate with followers for his or her depth, development, and unforgettable moments.

Whether or not it’s via their heroic deeds, private struggles, or the humorous and heartfelt moments they share, these characters make sure that Highschool DxD stays a beloved and dynamic collection within the anime world. As we have a good time these memorable characters, it’s clear that they’re extra than simply figures in a narrative; they’re the guts and soul of Highschool DxD.

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