Scrumptious Precure! The movie! Teaser proclaims opening on September 13 – Information

Sunday episode of the Scrumptious Precure! tv anime ended with a teaser for Scrumptious Precure! The movie! The teaser proclaims that the movie will premiere in Japan on September 13.


Beginning Wednesday, March 20 (the Spring Equinox vacation), taking part theaters will distribute flyers that includes the above teaser. The again of the flyer options the identical picture in sketch kind for followers to paint in themselves.


The Scrumptious Precure! anime is about in Animal City, a metropolis the place animals and people stay collectively in concord. (The title in Japanese katakana characters are written as ‘Wandafuru’, and the ‘Wan’ half can imply ‘canine’ or ‘the’ onomatopoeia for a canine’s bark in Japanese.) Sophomore highschool pupil Iroha Inukai is finest buddies along with her canine named Komugi. Sooner or later whereas out for a stroll, Iroha and Komugi encounter a mysterious creature named Garugaru, who’s working amok within the metropolis. Komugi out of the blue transforms right into a Fairly Remedy named Remedy Fantastic, to guard Iroha.

Masanori Satō (Butt detective, Thriller restaurant episode director) directs the brand new anime, and Yoshimi Narita (Futari with Precure Splash Star, Futari wa Precure Splash Star Tick Tack Kiki Ippatsu!, Futari with Fairly Remedy Max Coronary heart) oversees and writes the collection’ scripts. Yoko Uchida (2023 Rurouni Kenshin, Mecha-Ude) designs the characters,

NaSka (2023 Rurouni Kenshin) designs the costumes and props, and Rie Iida (Fantastic Get together♡Precure, To go! Princess Precure, Hug! Precure) is chargeable for artwork design. Miki Imai (Hug! Precure, Eiga Precure All Stars F, Eiga Precure Dream Stars! background artwork) is the artwork director of the anime (her authentic Japanese job title is “chief artwork”), Naomi Kiyota (Eiga Scrumptious Get together♡Precure Yume Miru♡Okosama Lunch, Eiga Tropical-Rouge! Precure: Yuki no princess for Kiseki no Yubiwa!) is the colour key artist, and Erika Fukasawa is composing music. ABC TV, ABC animation, ADK feelingsAnd Toei animation produce the anime.

The tv anime premiered on February 4 Asahi broadcaster (ABC), TV Asahiand 22 of their affiliate channels, at 8:30 AM JST. Crispy roll is streaming the anime in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Center East, the Commonwealth of Impartial States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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