Talkative AF 203: Revolutionary Lady Utena Watchalong – Episodes 21-27

Vrai, Cy, and Chiaki return to report on the tip of the Black Rose arc, the start of the tip of the world, and Akio is each the worst and relentlessly horny in convertibles.

Episode data

Date of recording: March 12, 2024
Hosts: Vrai, Cy, Chiaki

Episode abstract

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:03 Content material warnings
0:02:08 Emotions
0:05:59 Keiko
0:09:46 Mikage
0:22:45 The tip of the world arc
0:29:02 Akio
0:32:36 Cycles of abuse
0:35:49 Kozue and daddy Longlegs
0:41:30 Anthy and Utena
0:45:17 Nanami
0:49:10 Touga
0:56:34 Ohtori’s OSHA compliance
0:59:12 Completely different

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