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The animation Viral hit (also known as Kenka Dokugaku in Japanese) will be released here on April 11, and a trailer has been dropped for that. In it, you can hear snippets of the opening theme song “Wild Boy” performed by MA55IVE THE RAMPAGE, as well as the closing theme song “Viral Hack” performed by Crab Kani Club.

When the series debuts, it will be streamed in North America by Crunchyroll.

Viral Hit is made at Okuru to Noboru, with Masakazu Hishida from Fairy Ranmaru supervise the project as director. The person overseeing the series’ scripts is Toshiya Ono, who is known to be working on them It promised Neverland. Credit for the character design goes to Satomi Miyazaki Tomodachi game. The music is composed by Yutaka Yamada, whose credits include Tokyo Ghoul And Vinland saga. Meanwhile, the anime is produced by Slow Curve.

Looking at the cast: Satoshi Niwa plays Kota Shimura, Nobuhiko Okamoto plays Kanegon, Fairouz Ai plays Aki Yashio, Yui Ishikawa plays Kaho Asamiya, Shunsuke Takeuchi plays Hamaken, Kaito Ishikawa plays Reo Shinjo, Yoshino Aoyama plays Rumi Meguro, Yūichi Nakamura plays Tatsuya Ōgi , and Tomokazu Sugita plays TOU-KEI.

The series started as a webtoon by Taejun Pak and Jung Hyun Kim. Webtoon gave this description for the plot:

Skinny high school student Hobin Yu is probably the last guy you’d expect to see in a NewTube channel that revolves around fighting. But after following advice from a mysterious NewTube channel, Hobin soon takes out guys stronger than him and rakes in more money than he ever imagined. Can Hobin keep this up, or will he eventually meet his match?

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